30 Times People Built Their Cats A Cardboard Fort And It’s An Ecological Solution To Where To Put All The Boxes

If you can’t beat them, join them. So if you can’t get your cat out of all the cardboard boxes that come to your home, embrace it and build your animal a fort! At least that’s what other cat owners are doing. Yes, you will probably have to do all the work alone while your kitty watches you with judging eyes, as if asking why are you taking so long, but after you complete the construction, the critter will have a place to call its own.

So, to give you some ideas for your (cat’s) next project, we put together a list of photos of some of the best cardboard forts we could find. Enjoy!


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Creative Half-Asleep Chris is one of the people who delighted their cat with a cardboard fort-slash-castle.

“I had built my previous two cats forts as well (Fort Reggie, and Tom’s Time Machine) and since we were bored right at the start of the lockdown, it seemed like a fun way to pass the time,” they told Bored Panda. “It took a few days to build, and since it was built when I couldn’t go to the shops, it was constructed entirely from things I had around the house.”

We’re talking odd offcuts of wood from here and there, an old shoe rack Half-Asleep Chris took apart, and other various leftovers from their previous projects. “Each level inside the fort is a different material too, for optimal cat-isfaction — one is plain wood, one cardboard, one fabric, and then the top-level (or penthouse suite) carpeted.”

Half-Asleep Chris said their cat Ralph — who, by the way, is a gigantic fluffball — went immediately inside… for all of 4 seconds. “He then proceeded to ignore it for several days. But soon he took to it, and I’d often find him sleeping on his penthouse suite. About two months later I bought/renovated him a cat-sized Chaise Lounge, and since then, he hasn’t used it, much preferring the Chaise Lounge.”

They even posted a YouTube video about the project that is as entertaining as it’s educational.


Image credits: prefabcat

Experts say there are a few reasons why cats love cardboard boxes (and forts!) so much. Most importantly, they provide comfort and security, and cats can use them as hiding places, knowing no one can sneak up on them. Think of them as anti-stress safe spaces where the critters can chill and take a rest from chasing that darn fly all day.

Another important reason is texture. Cardboard is perfect for felines to bite and scratch, making them great fun to play with if the animal feels like it. Many owners find out about this the hard way, though, after their cat shreds the entire box to bits and they have to clean everything up.

One study even found that shelter cats that are given cardboard box hiding spots adapted more quickly to their environment change than cats without boxes, reaching the conclusion that “the hiding box appears to be an important enrichment for the cat to cope effectively with stressors in a new shelter environment the first weeks after arrival.”

So if you’re thinking about adopting a rescue kitty, building them a fort like some of these is the perfect way to welcome it!


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