I Took Fun Pictures Of Dozer The Dog Holding Various Items In His Jowls (13 Pics)

For a fun and happy pick-me-up, meet nine-year-old boxer Dozer, also known as Derzer, Dohdies, D, and Dozy.

A local legend in his home city of Perth, Western Australia, he is a loveable goofy boy who has perfected the art of holding things. Like, any things!

He will literally pick up whatever you show him and will do his best to gently hold the item in his fabulous jowls. Then he will sit with it, sometimes for hours, as if it’s the most precious prize thing in the world. And to Dozer, maybe it is – who are we to judge?

His Aunty Alex happens to be a pet photographer, so when he visited her for his latest portrait photo session, a collection of his fave “things” had to come along too.

All of Dozer’s items are given to him under strict supervision and under the watchful eye of his human Vickie.

Not to be a one-trick pony, Dozer’s other skills are leaning on people, cuddling, and sharing his hair offerings with everyone he meets.

Aren’t dogs just the best!

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#1 Dozer And The Blue Balloon (Don’t Try This At Home)

#2 Dozer And The Pink Flowers

#3 Dozer And The Yellow Ring

#4 Dozer And The Green Palm Frond

#5 Dozer And The Watering Can

#6 Dozer And The Book

#7 Dozer And The Round Inflatable

#8 Dozer And The Egg Carton

#9 Dozer And The Orange Teddy Bear

#10 Dozer And The White Shoe

#11 Dozer And The Pink Water Bottle

#12 Dozer And The Red Ball

#13 Dozer And The Empty Clear Container

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