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45 New Hilarious Comics With Dark Twisted Endings By Tony Esp

If you had a tough work week, I've got some good news for you. It's Friday, and the weekend couldn't come any sooner. But...

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145 Un-Bear-ably Funny Bear Puns

Bears are one of nature's greatest trickeries—why make an animal with such adorable fluffy ears, squishy paws, and luxurious fur into an ultimate killing...

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160 Bird Puns That Are Positively Owl-some

O noble fowl, thine flight is envy, thou watchest us with beady eyes from skies we’ll never reach! Thine ancestors are mega reptiles, and...

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113 Clever Jokes For Intelligent Pranksters

What’s shiny, heavy, made out of steel, and perfect for cutting through bones? Yes, it’s a cleaver! And this is our post dedicated to…...

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We Tried To Capture The Personality Of Each Of These Cats From A Cat Theater (18 Pics)

Fluffy artists. That's the only way to call cats of the unique and worldwide-known Kuklachev's Cat Theater. At the end of 2021, Veronica Ershova...

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